A Quick Guide to Hot Yoga

If you want a more challenging workout that offers multiple health benefits, you should consider hot yoga. It’s one of the hottest trends right now, literally. Learn the most important things about it to decide if it could be right for you.

How It Works

This type of yoga is also known as Bikram yoga, after the guru who invented it. The classes take place in a studio where the temperature is around 100 to 105 degrees F and the humidity level is 40%. It feels like a sauna more or less and this is the reason why practitioners should dress as lightly as possible.

Each session lasts 90 minutes. During this time, you will perform a series of 26 postures or asanas. While they do not differ considerably from the ones which you will do in traditional yoga classes, the instructor will not show you how to do them. He or she will give you verbal directions instead. This is done to induce meditation. It is worth noting that the instructor will be following a script which has been proven to work.

The Main Benefits

You will stretch excellently with hot yoga as all muscle groups are worked out during each session. The positions are designed to release the pressure points in the body, so you can expect to get relief from stiffness and muscle and joint aches. Complete relaxation is another key benefit which you will enjoy. One unique advantage of this type of yoga is the detox effect. You will sweat more than what is normal for you and this will lead to the natural release of toxins from your body. It could stimulate weight loss too.

Is It for Everyone?

Healthy adults may find the sessions a bit challenging at first, but they should pose no safety risk. Those who have hearing and/or respiratory problems should consider another type of yoga, however. The same is true for pregnant women.

You can now decide whether to practice hot yoga.

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