Is Restorative Yoga Right for You?

You have probably seen people practicing restorative yoga at the nearby gym or park and want to know how it works and whether it could benefit you. Here you will find the answers to these and other important questions about this type of yoga. Let’s begin.

What It Is

The purpose of this type of yoga is to restore the mind, body and soul. It involves fewer poses than most of its counterparts. You will perform no more than five or six during the typical session. You will have to hold each pose for around five minutes which is much longer than with other varieties. There are scripts to help you hold the poses.

Another important thing about the poses is that they are very mild compared to the more demanding ones involved in hot yoga. Most of them involve gentle twisting, folding and bending backwards. This makes them great for people of all ages. They are suitable even for heavier people and those who are not particularly fit.

The Benefits

Stress relief is the major benefit of restorative yoga. It virtually releases the pressure that you have accumulated in your body and mind. You feel calm and energized. This type of yoga is highly recommended to people dealing with burnout or anxiety. It helps improve mindfulness and concentration too. It’s great for stretching, if this is what you want to achieve after spending a long day seated at the office. You will be revitalized after each session and be prepared both mentally and physically for everything that lies ahead.

Getting Started

You can choose whether to take classes or to practice the restorative poses at home with a specially designed program. If you are a beginner, the first option could be better for you as it will help you ensure that you will get things right. The only thing left is to enjoy restorative yoga to the fullest.

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