Which of These 4 Popular Types of Yoga Matches Your Needs?

Many people are surprised to learn that there are different types of yoga instead of just one mainstream practice. This is actually good news as it enables you to choose a type which matches your needs, requirements and preferences best. Take a closer look at some of the main options.


This is the best known of all modern types and is one of the original six. It has a fairly slow pace requiring you to stay in each pose for a few breaths. It helps you stretch and relax and while it requires a good amount of effort, it is not among the most physically demanding options. It is great for complete newbies and for those who are not into challenging workouts.


If you favor military-style training, then this type may be just right for you. It involves six sequences with challenging poses whose purpose is to build up internal heat in the body. The movement from one pose to the next is very fast. You will progress from one sequence to the next over time. The key thing is that the poses are done in exactly the same order. The instructor will be calling them.


This is essentially yoga with props which include blocks, incline walls and straps and harnesses attached to the ceiling. The purpose of the props is to help you achieve perfectly accurate alignment for getting the best effect. You have to stay in each pose for a short period of time. This one of the popular types of yoga is suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.


Also known as power yoga, Vinyasa uses more demanding poses and you have to switch from one to the other rapidly in a flow. It is a good choice for those who want a more intensive and dynamic workout. This one of the popular types of yoga is usually preferred by those who like cardio exercises.

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