Key Things You Should Know about Yoga Asanas

Each yoga session involves at least five or six yoga asanas also known as poses, postures or positions. Simply put, these are the exercises which you will do as part of the workout. There are thousands of them. Use this short guide to learn the most important things about them.

Are They Difficult?

There are two main factors which characterize yoga asanas. Firstly, they are designed to involve as many muscle groups in the body as possible. You can expect all of your muscle groups to receive a good workout during each session. The second major factor is that they require a great deal of balance.

While the yoga poses may seem easy and relaxing to an onlooker, this is not usually the case. The movements are quite simple, but it is usually challenging to keep the position that you are in even for a few seconds. You can expect your heart rate to go up, to sweat and to feel tension in your muscles as you take and hold the different poses. With all this being said, you have to keep in mind that there are gentler and more grueling types of yoga.

How Do You Learn Them?

There are two main options – to take a class or to do yoga at home with the help of the resources available on the web or a special learning program. The first option has several benefits, with the main one being that you will get direct instructions and feedback from the instructor who will be there to help you out when needed. The second alternative gives you greater flexibility – you can exercise at your own pace whenever and wherever you want. It will most likely be cheaper too.

Overall, yoga is about exercising your body and relaxing your mind so that you can get flexibility, strength, energy and stress relief. You will enjoy multiple benefits from learning yoga asanas and practicing them to achieve perfection.

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