Practicing Yoga for Sleep – 3 Helpful Poses

Even people who are not practitioners choose to do yoga for sleep because one of its core purposes is to help you clear your mind and relax. The poses have a positive impact on the physiological processes in the body helping you to literally adjust your internal clock. You will fall asleep easily, sleep peacefully and wake up full of mental and physical energy. Check out a set of poses which can help you achieve this.

Child’s Pose

When seated on the mat with your hips on your heels, lower your head touching the floor and press your chest against your highs while keeping your hands right next to your legs. Stay in this position for a minute or so and breathe lightly. Close your eyes for best results. This posture is so calming that you can easily fall asleep while in it.

Left Nostril Breathing

You can do this when you are in your bed. That is why it is among the favorite poses of those who use yoga for sleep. You can either sit with crossed legs, which is recommended, or lie down. Then press your right nostril with your right thumb and extend your fingers so that they are not below your left nostril. Then breathe in and out of your left nostril ten times. You will be ready to go to sleep instantly.

Legs against the Wall

It’s all about putting your legs up against the wall and keeping this position for a minute or two. This pose is not physically challenging. To feel more comfortable and to get more easily into the mood for sleeping, you can put a pillow under your head. The major benefit of this pose is that it allows for increased blood flow to the heart. This helps amazingly for relaxation.

When you start using yoga for sleep permanently, you can add new poses to your routine to make it even more effective.

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