3 Simple Yoga Poses to Help You Get Started

There are thousands of yoga poses which you can perform, but not all of them are suitable for beginners. It’s important to increase the exertion gradually so that you enjoy maximum benefit with practically no risk. Here is a set of poses that you can try right away.


Sit down and cross your legs so that your knees are slightly more than hip-width apart. While keeping your back straight, extend your arms forward at the level of your chest and interlock your fingers. Slowly raise your arms over your head and turn your palms upwards while inhaling. When you reach this position, extend your body upwards and keep it that way for a few seconds. Release the position following the steps in reverse. This pose is great for the back, chest, shoulders and arms.


Sit down with your legs stretching and your back straight. Then bend your left leg and bring your foot to your buttocks. Do the same with your right leg. The next step involves shifting your weight to your toes. Then you need to bring your knees to the ground and sit between your heels, while keeping your heels apart. The last step of this one of the yoga poses involves placing your palms on your knees. You should keep this position and breathe deeply. Perform the same steps in reverse to release the position.

Standing Forward Band

Stand up straight with your feet being around six inches apart. Then fold your torso downwards and reach towards the ground. When in this position, you can swing your body a bit from side to side. While this position is excellent for stretching your back, it is perfectly fine to bend your knees as much as needed to ease the strain. After about twenty seconds, lift your torso up very slowly.

To do all yoga poses correctly, it is important that you inhale and exhale exactly when required.

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