Understanding Yoga Sequences – How It All Fits Together

You should have good knowledge of yoga sequences to be able to make the most out of every session. They are defined as the set of asanas or poses which are performed in a particular order. Usually, one session consists of one sequence. Here you will learn the most important things which you need to know about them.

How Sequences Work

The key requirement is for the sequences to have a flow, meaning the transition from one pose to the next should be natural and easy. This is done not only to give you greater satisfaction from your workout, but to achieve the highest possible level of safety. For example, you cannot have a posture that involves lying down followed by one which requires you to stand up.

All yoga sequences must have a pace which is comfortable to the practitioners. Usually, you will start off with simpler asanas which will become more demanding until a peak is reached and then the level of difficulty will be reduced to reach poses that are designed for complete relaxation. It is also possible to alternate between small sets of more intensive and more relaxing poses. It all depends on the preferences, physical fitness and the goals which the participants in the session want to achieve.

Sequence Building and Selection

When you go to a class, the instructor will have prepared a sequence for you. If you do yoga at home, you can create one yourself based on guidance and advice from experts and on your own personal experience. There are even special tools for sequence building. There are also plenty of ready sequences which you can use directly. They are typically themed. You can select one for firming and toning your muscle, getting relaxed and refreshed or energizing your body, for example.

Last but not least, as you hone your skills and reap ever greater benefits, you should progress to more challenging yoga sequences.

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